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27 Dec 2023 0 Comments


Share what you love, if you love art? Share that in an interesting way and make it a story element in your Vlogs.


  • Any camera is enough to start, but as you advance through vlogging you will need to upgrade your gear.
  • A phone is a great tool because it’s always with you.
  • When buying a bigger camera consider a camera with a rotatable screen so you can monitor what you are filming.
  • Sound equipment (a good mic to get clean audio, a neck mic or on-camera directional mic can work)
  • Stabilizers
  • A tripod or a stick, in many cases a gorilla tripod is a good option
  • Action cameras can be super useful
  • When filming with a phone, using Airpods is a great benefit.

A Vlog is not a follow me in my dailies video

  • Vlogs should be informative and entertaining. Let’s call it Info-training.
  • To shoot a Vlog you should have a story to tell, a plot.
  • Talk about social issues, even if you are going for a swim, and talk about pollution or tourism.
  • Find creative ways to film yourself. Since it’s a Vlog, you will be filming yourself most of the time. So, try to be creative in how you position your camera and what’s in your background.
  • Engage with people in your background and have people next to you who can pitch in for a chat.
  • Talk to the audience. Ask them what they think. Introduce them to people and places in the Vlog.
  • Don’t be afraid or shy to Vlog. Yes, people will look at you, if someone asks you not to film them, then don’t. But don’t be afraid to start.
  • When filming, pay attention to the light. Try not to have any harsh light source in your background because it will create silhouettes.
  • Always film B-rolls. B-rolls and extra footage are important for editing. They will also make the project exciting; they will add details and help you with story-telling.
  • Take multiple shots from different angles for the same action


  • Use a Hook! Find the hook in your story or footage and use it in the intro for the Vlog because it will get the people in.
  • Use Thumbnails when posting videos.
  • Study your analytics.
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